Blowfish Dress. Amisha Gadani. 2008 kinetic interactive wearable
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photo credit Amy Snyder. Exploratorium. 2008.
Inspired by the sudden and quite comical defense system of blowfish, this project depicts a way in which humans could benefit from and appropriate animal defensive behaviors into their clothing. The Blowfish Dress appears long, dark and elegant at rest but inflates [via internal fans held at the waist] when the wearer is intimidated causing the outer layer to slip back and reveal a wide and vibrant teal skirt beneath. The dress inflates only when the wearer makes a fist - a natural human response to fear - and connects the two long black leads steaming from the internal electronics and snaking down the arm into the wearer's hand.

Video piece illustrating the Blowfish Dress which exhibited in the Wave Hill Gallery in 2013. vimeo link


Documentation from my debut performance of the Blowfish Dress at the Exploratorium's 2nd Skin festival in 2008. vimeo link