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2011. The Andy Warhol Museum. 2011 Pittsburgh Biennial. Pittsburgh, PA
2011. Mercersburg Academy. "Interactive Wearables". Mercersburg, PA
2011. Geek Arts/Green Innovators (GA/GI) Festival. Pittsburgh, PA
2010. New York Hall of Science. World Maker Faire NY. Queens, NY
2010. Children's Museum of Pittsburgh F.I.N.E Artist Residency. Pittsburgh, PA
2010. Geek Arts/Green Innovators (GA/GI) Festival. Pittsburgh, PA
2010. Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery. "Signal to Noise Patio". Pittsburgh, PA
2009. San Mateo County Expo Center. Maker Faire Bay Area . San Mateo, CA
2008. Exploratorium Museum. "2nd Skin". San Francisco, CA
2007. Gallery Raku. Transit Festival. Tokyo, Japan
2007. Regina Gouger Miller Gallery. "To Get to the Other Side". Pittsburgh, PA
2007. Three Rivers Arts Festival Gallery. "Mechanosphere". Pittsburgh, PA
Carnegie Mellon University College of Fine Arts, Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Visual Arts | Bachelor of Fine Arts with honors, received 2007
University of Auckland Elam School of Art, Auckland, New Zealand
Major: Visual Arts | Study Abroad: February 2006-June 2006
Exploratorium Museum Teacher Institute. San Francisco, CA
Course: The Fundamentals of Inquiry, completed 2014
Faculty. 2017-current. Art Center College of Design. Pasadena, CA.
Teach Animal Anatomy for Entertainment Design students.
Senior Artist. 2016-current. The Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA. Los Angeles, CA.
Develop and produce scientific illustrations and graphics to support faculty research.
Education Specialist. 2013-2015. Helix by Exploratorium Museum. Los Altos, CA.
Worked in a small team to help run the first Exploratorium Museum off-site location called "Helix" (funded by a one-year grant). Developed and presented K-12 and adult programs, events, and workshops that fit within the museum's focus in art, science and human perception.
Instructor. July 2012-13, 2015-16. Art|Sci Nanolab Summer Course. Los Angeles, CA.
Worked with a team of six instructors to deliver an intensive two-­week interdisciplinary summer course for about forty junior and senior high school students. The course is valued as a full college course.
Artist in Resident. 2011-2013. The Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA. Los Angeles, CA.
Created scientific illustrations for papers and journal covers, developed graphic designs to market the Institute's conferences and workshops and managed the Institute's website and social media.
Artist in Resident. 2011-2013. Alfaro Lab at UCLA. Los Angeles, CA.
Created scientific illustrations for papers, developed and presented lab-related outreach and managed the lab's website while developing a body of artwork based on my experiences in the evolutionary biology lab of Dr. Michael Alfaro.
Artist Research Associate. 2010-2012. STUDIO for Creative Inquiry, CMU. Pittsburgh, PA.
Worked on anything from event management, technical and multimedia support, to research specific to director Golan Levin's art practice.
Illustration Contractor. Sep 2010. Exploratorium Museum. SF, CA.
Created a set of illustrations for playground math activities associated with the museum's Geometry Playground exhibition.
Exhibit & Education Assistant/Illustrator. 2008-2010. Exploratorium Museum. SF, CA.
Helped develop and illustrate activities for grades K-8 that relate to the museum's Geometry Playground exhibition.
Exhibit Support Technician. 2007-2009. Exploratorium Museum. San Francisco, CA.
Assisted the exhibit developers of the museum in the construction of prototypes and exhibits.
Field Trip Explainer. 2007-2009. Exploratorium Museum. SF, CA.
Worked as a team to present orientations, demonstrations, and dissections. Interacted with museum scientists to better understand the exhibits, and interacted with visitors to answer questions and to actively encourage curiosity and experimentation.
Research Assistant. 2007 & 2009. M. Ragona. Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA.
Worked in the archives of The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh to listen, transcribe, and discuss the material on Andy Warhol's many original tape recordings.
LASER.   2016. "Theoretical Animal Forms". Los Angeles, CA
Helix by Exploratorium Museum.   2014. "Animals in the Dark". Los Altos, CA
Darwinian Medicine class, UCLA. 2013. talked about my defensive dresses. Los Angeles, CA
LASER - Imagining Nature.   2013. gave a micro-talk about my work. Los Angeles, CA
Independence High School.   2013. Was the guest speaker in a biology class. Santa Monica, CA
Machine Project - Dark Matter.2012. gave micro-talk about animals that live in darkness. LA, CA.
Society for Integrative & Comparative Bio Conference. 2012. click for abstract. Charleston, SC.
CSG Fellows Meeting.   2011. talked at the Institute for Society and Genetics at UCLA. LA, CA.
Mercersburg Academy.   2011. talked for high school students in adv art class. Mercersburg, PA.
Ignite.   2011. idea sharing event. Pittsburgh, PA.
Dorkbot.   2011. Pittsburgh, PA.
PechaKucha Night.   2011. idea sharing event. Pittsburgh, PA.
Creative Arts Opportunities Conference.   2009. art's alumni conference at CMU. Pitt, PA.
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